Russian Contests

The common good thing about russian contests is that they all last no longer than 24 hours in case of Russian DX, while RAEM is 8 hours long only. Another common good thing is that THEY ALL ARE FUN, FUN, FUN! Join us and we will share this fun with you. Third good thing is that no one will ever make you pay for viewing the results, neither directly nor undirectly... unlike of... you know... and you don't have to buy other country's amateur organization membership to see expanded results to make corrections in your contest strategy... unlike of... you know.... Everything is on the Web.


Major Russian International contests, there are 4 of them, sorted by date:

Date, time
RUSSIAN DX Contest 12.00 Saturday - 12.00 UTC Sunday, 3rd full weekend of March 24 hours
RDA Contest 14.00 Saturday - 08.00 UTC Sunday, 3rd full weekend of August 18 hours
RUSSIAN RTTY Contest 00.00 – 24.00 UTC, 1st Saturday of September 24 hours
RAEM Contest 02.00 - 09.59 UTC Sunday, 4th full weekend of December 8 hours


Russian DX Contest

Definitely the number-one russian contest. Very high rates all 24 hours, I bet you're gonna like it. Outstanding Web-page with the bunch of results, stats, UBNs, participant's Russian Awards credits, soapbox, archives, pictures, and other contest-related info.

Contest period: 12.00 Saturday - 12.00 UTC Sunday, 3rd full weekend of March.

Rules: http://www.rdxc.org/rulesg.asp

Web page: http://www.rdxc.org/

See the diagram with RDXC 2005-2008 Logging Software Percentage.

CW and/or SSB, everyone can work everyone, 24 hours, mults - russian oblasts + DXCC Entities.


Number of received logs, Russian DX Contest:

2000 - 893

2001 - 1242

2002 - 1304

2003 - 1671

2004 - 2005

2005 - 2581

2006 - 2864

2007 - 3060

2008 - 3262

2009 - 3635 logs.


Impressive? Compare that with

ARRL DX 2008, CW - 2684, SSB - 2129 logs,

CQ WPX 2008, CW - 3144, SSB - 3729 logs,

CQ WWDX 2008, CW - 5170, SSB - 4880 logs (as of Jan 31 2009).


See more detailed table of Number of submitted logs by Roger G3SXW, all major contests: Logging software used by participants:
loggers used in RDXC




Russian Districts Award (RDA) Contest

Very fast growing contest with very high rates due to extremely high popularity of RDA award program and 18-hours contest period. Hundreds of 100W-NoAntennas-NoEnglish-NoCode stations. You will need all of your antenna systems to hear them, all of your power to be heard by them, all  russian words you know to be understood by them. Have fun! ;-)

Contest Period: 14.00 UTC Saturday - 08.00 UTC Sunday, 3rd full weekend  of August.

Rules: http://rdaward.org/rdac/download/rdac_eng.txt

Results 2004 non-UA: http://rdaward.org/rdac/download/2004World.txt

Results 2004 UA: http://rdaward.org/rdac/download/2004Rus.txt

RDA Award program Web page:  http://www.rdaward.org/indexeng.htm

CW and/or SSB, foreign stations  can work russian stations only; russian districts as mults.

Number of received logs: 2003 - 469, 2004 - 848, 2006 - 905, 2007 - 1087, 2008 - 1205 logs.

Note for N1MM Logger users: if you wish Russian stations exchange (RDA number) prefilled, download and install "call-history" file. Unzip and see "Readme.txt" for installation instructions.




Russian RTTY Contest

A rookie in the list. But, what is good about RTTY contests, there are always hundreds of participants on that narrow portion of the band. Like the RDXC, mults are Russian oblasts and DXCC Entities. This contest is sentenced to be a successful one.

Contest Period: 00.00 – 24.00 UTC, 1st Saturday of September.

Rules: http://www.radio.ru/cq/contest/rule-results/index2.shtml

Contest results: http://www.radio.ru/cq/contest/rule-results/index3.shtml

24 hours, everyone can work everyone; mults:  Russian oblasts and DXCC Entities.

319 logs in 2004. This was the first time contest was held after long time stagnancy.




RAEM Contest

First, who is RAEM - see an article by Alf Lindgren, SM5IQ - About the Hero of the Soviet Union Ernst Krenkel

Another old good one with traditions coming deep from Soviet era. Unique exchange numbers consisting of serial number AND geographical coordinates (599 001 51N55O, for example), make this contest real challenge, and make it very popular among real contesters in ex-USSR. Points calculation depends on difference in coordinates (see rules), every QSO with RAEM memorial station is worth 300 additional points, every QSO with a Polar Circle station is worth 100 additional points.

Contest period: 0200 - 0959 UTC Sunday, 4th full weekend of December.

Rules 2006: http://www.srr.ru/CONTEST/cup_raem_engl_06.php

CW only, everyone can work everyone.

Note for N1MM Logger users: if you wish contest exchange (coordinates) prefilled, download and install "call-history" file. Unzip and see "Readme.txt" for installation instructions.