N1MM is my favorite contest logger. Unlike of other software of the same class, it is FREE, so you don't have to pay $20 twice a year when you want to update your contest logger.

From the other hand, it is the most used contest software in the world, see the RDXC Logging Software Percentage

Logger home page: http://www.n1mm.com


Installation files:

http://www.pi4dec.nl/n1mm/N1MM-FullInstaller.exe - latest version installation

http://www.pi4dec.nl/n1mm/RevisionHistory.htm - latest update


Support Files:

N1MM RUS_help - RU3RQ's translation of N1MM HELP files to Russian language. 34 of 54 html pages translated.

N1MM call-history files for RAEM,  RDA and few other contests.

HST - a neat s/w for call-history files creation. Look for the read_me file inside.